class styles.

How you take care of yourself should look different on different days. That’s why we offer a variety of fitness classes to meet you where you are and to challenge your body in different ways. Workouts should be tough, but you shouldn’t dread them. So pick the styles you like and we promise you’ll get a butt-kicking no matter what. 

strength training.

Each of our strength-based classes is designed to build your stamina, core and overall strength in functional ways. They all do it in a different style, but at each class you can expect a full-body workout designed to make you stronger and faster.


This is our version of high intensity interval training. You’ll work your entire body in quick intervals designed to increase your heart rate without sacrificing any strength training.


Consider this one your slow burn. You’ll move through some longer intervals with heavier weights to build your muscular endurance.


This class style will focus on your core strength while sprinkling in some cardio. Expect to use weights and boxing bags to work your abs, back and glutes while also getting your heart rate up.


Don’t underestimate the power of using just your body to get in an intense workout. Our MOVE classes are designed to challenge your muscles differently by taking extra weight away and focus on proper movement.

be social. get involved.

Not quite ready to take the jump yet, but want to keep tabs on what we’re doing to see if this is for you? Follow us on the book and the gram, y’all. We’ll introduce you to lots of cool people who get sweaty with us, we’ll show you firsthand what to expect during our workouts and we’ll maybe even give a thing or two away.

more than a workout.

We truly believe within our walls you get more than a workout – you get a fam. We’ve been to gyms where you walk in and no one says anything to you and they just get right to it. And if that’s your jam, no judgements. But when we set out to create hygge FIT, we wanted a little something more.

Between happy hours, special workouts and community events, we want to build more than a gym. We want to build a fitness community. If you’re ready to help us build that, check out some options to get engaged below.

still not sure?

We get it. Fitness is a big commitment and we’re here to make it as easy as we can. Hit the button below and fill out the form and we’ll be in touch asap.

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